cosmic ark video

Here’s the mind-bending video for Cosmic Ark, taken from our album Stuff That Rotates. The video is directed/animated by Laura Rathschau.

Stalker video

This is the video for Stalker from our album Stuff That Rotates — and it rocks. Directed/animated by Thor Rasmussen, using stills from our album cover session, shot by Mads Teglers, mixed up with material from our own archives. Enjoy!

black egg video

Smoking hot new stuff

Hello friends
We are very proud to announce that we just finished our new album Stuff That Rotates. We just need to glue some album covers and learn how to play the amazing tunes! The release is set for april, and it will change the world allmost unnoticeable. More info on that matter, and the consequences, to come.. .
Meanwhile check out the fab single Black Egg! And download it free here.

If you’re in London 8th of march come and enjoy our show at the The Wheelbarrow where we´ll be testing the new tunes on the ever resilient locals. It´ll be our premiere gig as a three piece, joined by Laura Rathschau. Tripple the fun and excitement!! Do be there!

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band

Hello old cell phone recording with a cell phone image manipulation.
..more experiments of videos and sounds. We like the world cause its full of it!

How to play the peace boat game

Our album Peace Boat has a board game as cover. This video shows how to get started.

videos from 13 bullits

Here’s two videos from the “13 Bullits” video-project.

Video by ohhmarymary

Video by Stefan Mylleager